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5 Things Every Millennial Needs To Know About Fitness

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The entire world is just a touch away for the fashion-forward curious millennials of today. From sliding into DM’s, to gauging over “taste made” videos & undulating to the latest Ariana Grande songs, they surely have it all in terms of awareness and accessibility. However even with the world being just a touch away, there are a lot of fitness myths floating around.
Fitness is not just living a healthy, fulfilling and enriching life, it also means balancing your
inner and outer world. Fitness helps you to channel your energies from the inside to the outside. Here are some fitness facts every millennial ought to know!

Fitness helps you improve relationships.

Couple sitting on bench

What? Stunned? Yes, exercise precipitates changes in your metabolism, which helps you combat pressure/stress and even depression. It makes you feel happier, livelier, and lighter. It helps you to have a more positive outlook toward, people, situations, and relationships. So rather than spending hours on the phone and bleating over vivid relationship problems, I guess it’s time to get out of our homes!

Get brainy!

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Exercise enhances energy levels and increases serotonin in the brain. This helps us achieve
mental stillness and improves brain activity. It fosters smoother functioning of the brain cells.
In a world where your personality are defined by social media accounts, it has become
even more imperative to be the smart one in the room, right?

Some fitness a day keeps the doctor away.

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We live in a technologically advancing & blossoming world which is amazing, but with all the perks, there also comes cut-throat competition & the incessant need and want to be better than others. The stress, the pressure, the submissions & the deadlines can prove to be a symbolic hindrance, causing us to take a step back from our focus and goal. Fitness helps pump the heart and make it stronger to combat unbidden diseases.

Fitness helps increase your life span.

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People who are physically active for approximately seven hours a week are 40% less likely of dying early than people who are only active for less than 30 minutes a week. Fitness can help you live a while longer, and who doesn’t want that I mean?

Fitness helps you sleep. The new age-old millennial issue!

One person is slipping with phone

Even when we go to bed at 11 PM, we can never really sleep, right? The vices of modern life (memes, trolls, and IG updates) are too strong for us to let loose our consciousness & just sleep. Regular physical exercise helps you to sleep peacefully without restlessly shuttling between your phone to laptop till 2 AM at the night.