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Practicing Sound Tennis Nutrition Habits

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On the days when not playing a match or even leading up to one, practice good tennis nutrition and a balanced diet to stay fit and lean. Not too many winning tennis players sport huge potbellies or rail-thin arms.

Eat a healthy diet heavy on vegetables, light on red meat, and very light on fried food, and fast food altogether. Keep consumption of sodas to a minimum. One can indulge in their sweet tooth from time to time, but it’s recommended to not live on sugar highs and the lows that follow.

At the same time, if one is playing regularly or training, don’t skimp on the calories. One might be worried about maintaining their great figure, but if they are burning hundreds of calories every day by playing tennis, they need to be sure to eat well in order to replenish their body.

Avoiding Fast Foods – A Key to Tennis Nutrition

It’s certain that some players have won consistently while eating a lot of fast food and consuming more alcohol than they should, for instance. It’s also certain that many players ascend to the next level once they pay more attention to what they eat.

That’s why many of the top pros have their own personal chefs to help them maintain a balanced diet and eat the foods that will prolong their careers.

Even if not a pro, by practicing proper tennis nutrition as described above, one will feel better, look better and play better. The right foods and beverages in proper amounts are a win-win-win for any tennis player of any age.

Tennis Nutrition – What to Eat?

An ideal tennis nutrition lunch to consume about 3-4 hours before a match is: Grilled chicken sandwich, crackers, apple, skim milk, and sports drink. For a pre-game snack, to be consumed about 1-2 hours before the big match, eat: fruit yogurt or a banana, water, an energy bar, 20 oz. of sports drinks.

Of equal concern is to seek to practice sound tennis nutrition is the hydration level. Be sure to limit or avoid completely caffeinated beverages right before or after match play, such as iced teas, coffee, coffee drinks, and colas. These beverages might cause additional fluid loss as urine before the match. In addition, be sure to chill at least 2 liters of your favorite courtside drink the night before the match, such as water or a sports drink, so that it will be nice and cold during the match. All players should have a minimum of 2 liters of liquid by their side during a match.

Tennis Nutrition Guideline

Here’s a good post-match meal to celebrate the latest win. If the Italian doesn’t float the boat, go Chinese.

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