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Hydrate Up For Summer!!

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Hydrate Up For Summer:

The reason why you are dehydrated is quite simple: more water out than inside. This is because we tend to overestimate how much we drink and underestimate how much we sweat. On average, a healthy adult can lose up to 50 ounces of sweat during one hour of exercise.

Basically, you need to consume 2.5 to 20 oz. water bottles every hour to make
up for the loss.

Even if it’s just a little dehydrated, that makes a big difference. Losing just 2% of your body weight in sweat can reduce your performance by 25%. In other words, if you weigh 150 pounds and lose 3 pounds of sweat that you can not replace, the typical 8-minute pace now slows to a 10-minute pace!

For those of us who do not train with a medical team in a lab, we should make it easy by focusing on simple solutions to stay hydrated. If you walk on the road or on trails, we usually have no access to a fountain. We do not want to be burdened with cumbersome water bottles that are suitable for the gym but make no sense for our run.  Fortunately for us, water bottles and drinking belts, and packs come into play here.

Designed specifically for running, hand bottles are ergonomically designed to reduce wrist and hand fatigue. Depending on the model, the bottle may include a wrist strap, thumb holes, and even pockets or pockets to carry your keys and identification with you. For longer durations, hydration belts are lightweight and adjustable, offer more storage space and fluid than a handheld, and are available in single, double, and multiple bottles.

Run-specific hydration packs have a superior fit compared to traditional hydration packs to avoid jumping around during the run. They are also made from lightweight and breathable materials that prevent abrasion. In general, packaging holds the largest volume of liquid and provides the most storage space.  If you work out or participate for a longer period of time, the addition of electrolytes is essential. Remember, the longer and more intense you exercise, the more water you need to consume. But you use too much water, and you can get rid of your electrolyte balance, which leads to hyponatremia, also known as water poisoning (yes, a very real – and not fun – for endurance athletes).

Simply maintain the moisture balance with electrolyte tablets, capsules, or electrolyte powder that can be mixed with your water. This will not only keep you on your toes but also bring a nice boost of taste! Nuun, Skratch, Hammer Nutrition, and SaltStick have great electrolyte powders and drinks.  Now that we know why preventing dehydration is so important and how to be better hydrated during the activity, we are better equipped to withstand the brutal summer heat.

Looking forward to seeing you in the sun, strapped into your hydration packs, and ready to drink your electrolyte drinks. After some thinking about the hydration, the summer will not slow us down, at least not until we’re ready … by the pool with a cold beer in hand.

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