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How And What To Eat For A Jolly Jog

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What to Eat for a Jog:

What you eat before and after a morning/ evening promenade is as important as the regimen itself… An effective jog depends on many factors – the most important one being your diet. What you eat before a workout prepares your body for the stress and the meal after that is responsible for muscle building and body repair. Here’s what you must keep in mind to tailor your meals and maximize your workout.

Pre-Jog: Never go hungry

Do not walk on an empty stomach. The stress that exercise has on the body, combined with the lack of sugar (energy) will lead to hypoglycemia, a condition that will make you prone to fatigue. Here are some healthy pre-jogging meals-:

  • Whole Wheat Toast with Sliced Banana and Cinnamon
  • Greek Yogurt and Trail Mix
  • Smoothies
  • Oatmeal with Fresh Fruit

Post-Jog: The Right Protein Intake After Your Jog

The body needs a high-protein diet for muscle building. However, relying on supplements is not the answer. The best option for a post-workout DIY supplement is to take the watery part of curd (that is very rich in proteins), chop a banana and apple into it, and put it in the blender. It’s a perfect combination of proteins and carbohydrates. Not to forget, the apple is rich in fiber. Here are some post jogging nutritional meals-:

  • Fish, Hummus, and Spinach Whole Wheat Sandwich
  • Salmon with Sweet Potato
  • Avocado and Vegetable Omelette
  • Grilled Chicken and Mixed Vegetables
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