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Boxing Training Diet

Men with the boxing gloves

Become lean and fit like a boxer by aligning four main nutrition principles: eating frequency, nutrient timing, the balance of macronutrients and total caloric intake. This will provide the energy necessary for training and enhance recovery. Following these principles, increase metabolism and encourage the body to burn fat as its primary fuel source.

 2-a-Day Training Day

If chosen to train two times per day like a boxer, here is an example of what daily nutrition will look like:

Consume a liquid carbohydrate pre-training supplement consisting of 60 to 70 percent carbohydrates prior to an early morning workout. During the training session, sip on one to two bottles of fluid replacement drink. Immediately the following workout, consume recovery fuel consisting of 70 to 80 percent carbohydrate.

For breakfast, consume a whole-wheat bagel with peanut butter, a banana and six egg whites. For a mid-morning snack, eat an apple, a can of vegetable juice, almonds and a protein drink followed by a 12-inch turkey sub on whole-wheat bread with vegetables and cheese for lunch.

Prior to the afternoon workout, repeat the pre-training fuel from earlier followed by a post workout recovery supplement containing 70 to 80 percent carbohydrates. For dinner, consume a grilled chicken breast, whole-wheat pasta with sauce, vegetables and a salad. Consume a protein drink one hour before bed.