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Food For Thought!

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When it comes to muscle building and retention, it’s a smart man’s game. Sweating in the gym has to be supplemented with a balanced diet to reap the benefits. Foods that make you gain lean muscle mass are your best workout partners.

Here are the top 5 foods that  help you build muscle mass:

Nuts and Nut Butter:

Looking to gain a healthy weight? These are some of the top snackable items that you can include in just about any diet. Start by adding a small handful of almonds, cashews, and peanuts. High in protein and healthy fats, nuts are calorie-dense as well. Nut butter can also be topped and mixed with a variety of snacks and dishes. Make smoothies, yogurts, and much more! Make sure to pick up the butter with no added sugar or extra oil.

Protein Supplements:

Ask any athlete or bodybuilder about their holy grail and they will never miss protein supplements.  Mass gainers and Whey protein supplements are an easy and cost-effective way to gain weight. When combined with strength training, they do wonders! Whey protein is made from dairy and has been shown to lead to better health, also reducing any disease risk. If you’re into hardcore training, these supplements can help you meet your daily protein requirements. These contain all the essential amino acids required to build muscle and grow better. Add these to your diet as a pre or post-workout meal


Cooked soybeans contain proteins, several vitamins, minerals, and healthy unsaturated fats. They are a particularly good source of iron, vitamin K, and phosphorus. Iron is used up by your body to store and transport oxygen in your blood and muscles, and a deficiency can impair these functions. Ladies, load up on soybeans as they help you during your period by restoring the iron, saving you from any deficiency

Chicken Breast:

Considered a staple for gaining muscle, there is something wonderful about this food. Chicken breasts are packed with high-quality protein. They also contain generous amounts of Vitamins B and B6, which are particularly important if you are training to gain and retain muscle. These vitamins are essential for your body to function properly while you work out. Research has also shown that indulging in higher-protein foods such as chicken may aid fat loss 

Greek Yoghurt:

Dairy products not only contain high-quality proteins but are also a mixture of fast-digesting whey protein and slow-digesting casein protein. When you eat foods that are a combination of fast- and slow-digesting dairy proteins, you build lean mass. Greek yogurt is a great source of both these proteins. It is a good snack to have any time though it is common to eat it after a workout or before bed. 

You will find that most of them are protein-packed and allow muscle recovery and growth. There are numerous foods that can help you gain lean muscle. Start by including these top five foods and begin your journey like a pro!

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