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Training And Racing In Cold, Rainy Weather

Woman Running in Rain

It makes all runners go through a guilt trip for not being able to run in an adverse climatic condition. From humidity that drenches them in sweat the moment they step outside to cold air that causes their fingers and toes to go numb. As uncomfortable as staying inside may look, the best thing you can do for your training is run in those adverse conditions. Worst in its history in terms of weather. Temperatures dropped below 40 degrees Celsius with gusting wind and unrelenting rain.

Prepare to get wet: One will surely get wet. No matter how many trash bags or how much duct tape they use, the water will get in. To keep the rain and cold at bay, use a large black construction bag and poke a few holes for head and arms. For the race, bring two pairs of running shoes. One pair will be a throwaway, and the other pair are for the race. Nothing feels worse than starting a race with soggy, heavy shoes.

Keep your layers light: When clothes get wet, they absorb water, so wearing several long sleeve layers might work the opposite way. Despite how cold it might be, once one gets going, they will eventually warm up. If worried about the cold, put Vaseline on the front of the legs, arms and cheeks. Vaseline seals the skin, making it harder for the cold to get to one while running but also makes it harder to sweat; don’t apply too much.

Wear a hat and kitchen gloves: Running in cold, rainy weather means it is time to break out the kitchen gloves! Yes, those big yellow gloves are waterproof and fit right over cozy, cotton mittens. Use a hair tie to tighten them around the wrist. Wearing a hat or visor can keep the rain out of your eyes and hold down your poncho hoodie.

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