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So how do you become a great athlete?

The answer is simple.
It’s not about specialized training but religiously following and constantly playing sports!
Start with being a three-sport athlete, playing football, basketball, and track.
That’s one thing that truly helps athleticism.


(can be particularly helpful), just because you’re working on speed and explosion. That’s a lot of what football is. It’s lower-body quick-twitch muscles and same with basketball. Because when athletes are able to do other sports, someway, somehow, it (can) indirectly help you out in your main sport.
The best way to get faster is to practice running fast, and there’s no better way to do that than running track. The burst and top-end speed athletes develop through track will benefit every position on the football field. For linemen, track and field throwing events such as the shot put.


can be a great workout and lots of fun. The benefits are immense It increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health, lowers body fat and improves muscle tone, builds strength, flexibility, and endurance, increases muscle and bone strength and improves health due to shifts between walking, running and sprinting.


is a tremendous sport for building lateral quickness, jumping ability, vision and conditioning. The tremendous number of former college basketball players who’ve blossomed into NFL stars is living proof of the sport’s strong carryover.
Being a multi-sport athlete does require good time-management skills. With practice, games, and life, one has little time left for training.
But your body is going to fluctuate when you’re doing that many sports. But the fact is that you are getting stronger, better and faster every day!