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The Curious Case Of Vitamins

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5 Vitamins Facts the Pros Need to Swear By  

Vitamins are like your body’s building material. Many of the vitamins’ functions include helping repair cellular damage and supporting the proper functioning of your immune system. Being one of the most crucial micro-nutrients, the lack of vitamins can have detrimental effects on the body. 

Planning diets and choosing our foods wisely is the best way out. 

So here are 5 Facts about Vitamins that you should absolutely know!

  • One thing you may be doing wrong is popping your vitamin pills empty stomach. This can be a major cause for you to feel nauseated throughout the day. Your body secretes acidic digestive juices in large quantities to break down the vitamins to get their goods. This process irritates the stomach’s lining. Eating food before this process can save this by slowing down and putting these juices to good use.
  • Sweating out in the gym a lot and you may be sweating out those essential vitamins too! The vitamins that are water-soluble can pave the way out of your body during a workout, a heavy physical activity that makes you sweat like a pig or in extremely humid weather conditions. Make sure you aren’t a vitamin depleted. Under the classification of vitamins, The Water-soluble vitamins are in the watery portions of your food. They circulate easily and are directly absorbed in the bloodstream. They include Vitamin B and C, and their sub-categories. This needs to be replenished over the next few days. An easier way out is to keep them up during the breaks between your workouts and their intake should immediately follow the sessions.
  • Your delicious cups of tea and joes may be hindering and almost reversing the benefits of iron that you are trying to gain. These caffeinated drinks delay iron absorption. More than caffeine, polyphenols are thought to be major inhibitors of iron absorption. Chlorogenic acid is found mainly in cocoa. Tannins, most commonly found in coffee and black tea inhibit iron absorption. These compounds bind with iron during digestion, making it more difficult to absorb. We know you can’t just switch off your wants for coffee. What you can do is time your intake in such a way that leaves significant gaps between your intake of iron supplements, for better absorption.
  • The skins of fruits and vegetables that you are most likely peeling off are doing you nothing. There are high doses of various types of vitamins and minerals concentrated in the peels of eatables. Not only that, but they store goodies like antioxidants, flavonoids and good fiber. However, make sure to wash them thoroughly to remove any impurities and completely avoid certain peels like that of Mango. The peels of some citrus fruits like lemons and oranges can act as your magic ingredient. Grate their skin into the zest and enjoy your food with a tangy twist.
  • When cooking your meals, try to trap and retain the steam. Vitamin C and certain other compounds can leach from vegetables into the water and get removed from the food. If the lid’s tightly closed and you eat to retain the broth, you end up with highly nutritious food. If you find it difficult, stir in some olive oil. This helps your body absorb the vitamins and minerals in the veggies and adds a rich taste to the dish too!
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