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Art Of How To Play Cricket Batting Shots. Vet It. Bat It.

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CRICKET BATTING SHOTS: Want to hit, run and slay? Here’s the way!

TIP # 1 –  Focus only on the ball movement.

We feel that out of all the tips, this is the most important one. And sadly the most ignored. It could actually lead to a  batter being out of form. It’s simple, obviously, the object of your attention is the ball, so watch the cricket ball like you have put a laser beam on it. Every movement needs your hundred percent concentration.

TIP # 2 –  Create a positive intent perception.

When your head is forward and still it creates a positive perception and the intent dictates your performance. So, set your head slightly forward and let your stance take the call to score or not to score. Though honestly, the only decision you need to make every ball is to not score!

TIP # 3 – Map out the field very carefully.

Never look at the fielders, only at the space. Become aware of the areas where you can hit and score runs. Don’t let your attention get diluted by anything else or the activities of the bowlers in the field.

TIP # 4 – Always have small goals.

Set small goals. Manage your innings by staying fully attentive and being present at the moment with each ball that you face. We know that you know, the journey to a hundred runs is one ball at a time!

TIP # 5 – Make Your strengths Your Weapons.

Only you can define and play to your strengths. You are unique and you must max it out there. But never exude or display your strength in a manner that the opposing team gets the opportunity to use it against you in the game!

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