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Snackable Content With Weight Loss!

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Weight Loss

The Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes We all End Up Making

When it comes to a topic like “how to lose weight” everyone has their own versions to narrate and their own gimmicks to offer. Weight loss is a goal many want to achieve with many pieces of advice floating around the internet as well as on gym floors. Your weight is not only influenced by external factors like the intake of food, but also your body type. Here are some common mistakes we all are making when it comes to losing weight.

Not having enough proteins

proteins rich food

Getting enough protein is extremely important if you’re trying to lose weight. In fact, protein has been shown to help with weight loss in several ways It can reduce appetite, increase feelings of fullness, decrease calorie intake, increase metabolic rate, and protect muscle mass during weight loss.

Frequent intake of small bites

For many years, conventional advice has been to eat every few hours in order to prevent hunger and drop-in metabolism. Unfortunately, this can lead to too many calories being consumed over the course of the day. You may also never truly feel full. Eating too often can hurt your weight loss efforts. For the best results, it’s important to eat only when you’re hungry.

Following a routine without tracking

Eating nutritious foods is a good weight loss strategy. However, you may still be eating more calories than you need to lose weight. What’s more, you may not be getting the right amount of protein, fiber, carbs, and fat to support your weight loss efforts. Studies show that tracking what you eat can help you get an accurate picture of your calorie and nutrient consumption, as well as provide accountability.

Substituting aerated drinks with fruit juices

Many people cut soft drinks and other sweetened beverages out of their diet to lose weight, which is a good thing. However, drinking fruit juice instead isn’t smart. Even 100% fruit juice is loaded with sugar and may lead to health and weight problems similar to those caused by sugar-sweetened beverages, For instance, 12 ounces (320 grams) of unsweetened apple juice contains 36 grams of sugar. That’s even more than in 12 ounces of cola.

Relying on packaged and processed food

One of the worst things you can do for weight loss is to eat a lot of highly processed foods. Animal and human studies suggest that processed foods may be a major factor in the current epidemic of obesity and other health problems

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