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The Healthiest People In The World Don’t Go To The Gym

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Do you think the most buffed-up person in the gym is also the fittest? 

Do you think dumbbells are your saviors and treadmills are your best friend?

It is time to break the myth for you. The healthiest people are not the ones who sweat it out on the machines. Wondering what’s the secret then? Read on to find out how you can stay in your best shape throughout life, without making rounds in the gym!

Learn it the Spanish and Japanese Way!

Spaniards are the best people to take inspiration on how to become your healthiest self. Spain has been ranked as the world’s healthiest country, according to Bloomberg’s 2019 Healthiest Country Index. Their “Mediterranean diet,” which replaces palm and coconut oil with extra-virgin olive oil, is loaded with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and seafood.

Japan, the healthiest Asian nation (Bloomberg 2019 Healthiest Country Index), believes that combining a high intake of carbohydrates and fat is perfect for keeping obesity at bay. Their “Okinawa diet” although limits seafood and lean meat, is still nutrient-dense. Being Japanese means being one of the most active people on the planet. Their traditions have shaped their lifestyles in such a way that they don’t need to exert themselves in a gym. They tend to indulge in activities like gardening and keeping up their yards which require labor to keep them on the move constantly

Want to become the healthiest version of yourself? Gear up for an active lifestyle and take a step towards good health, quite literally! Walking has been known to have the highest compliance rate among all kinds of exercises. Brisk walking daily reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 31 percent! Setting daily targets and their completion is enough to start out with. Put your headphones on and tune in to a rocking playlist to make your walks fun and enjoyable. You can even catch up with your favorite buddy and socialize to the best of your abilities!

“Balance” is the keyword you have to get etched in your mind for the rest of your life. The healthiest people know how important it is for them to take out a cheat day and indulge in what they have been keeping themselves from. Staying your fittest means not letting yourself crash and crave junk food, so give in to your temptations and treat yourself to being a good boy (or girl) for the whole week.

Your top form is achieved when you draw inspiration from the best and adapt your lifestyle in a way that complements what you eat with how you spend your energy. Experiment with the ingredients as per changing seasons to suit yourself while making sure you are not stuck to your desk the whole day. Each day presents itself with an opportunity to take care of yourself if you are purposeful and patient.

So go on and watch yourself become your healthiest without spending bucks on a gym membership!

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