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How To Play Mind Games With The Game Of Badminton

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Mind games with the game of badminton:

Your mental strength is always going to be higher and more impactful than your physical strength. Being adept with the art of good badminton psychology can help you get confident and sure-footed.

It’s good to be aware of the following factors that can affect you mentally and mess up your game.

1. Be mentally aware of your shuttle speed.

You do know that the speed of the shuttlecock is affected by various factors like climate, weather, moisture in the air, etc. You must use shuttlecocks with the appropriate speed in your area that suit international standards. But, surprisingly, sometimes the same shuttlecock in the same region can fly at a different speed! Because of air density shuttles fly at different speeds in different badminton halls. You should also know that shuttlecocks fly faster in smaller badminton halls and faster in larger badminton halls. This can help you reduce the chances of hitting the shuttle out of the court.

2. Be mentally aware of the Lighting

If you have played a lot of badminton across different courts you would know that the lighting at some badminton courts is just terrible. Some courts have many lights positioned right on top of the ceiling which can be very distracting because you might not be able to see the shuttle clearly against the harsh lights. This can totally mess up the timing of your strokes. You might develop a sudden blind spot and miss the shuttle entirely.

Learn to execute shots such as a clear or drop shot instead of a smash because it is much easier for you in these circumstances to get your timing right for a clear or drop shot, compared to a smash.

3. Be aware of an extra slippery floor

Check the floor very carefully because some floors are extremely slippery, especially in countries where the air moisture levels are low. And the last thing you need is to slip and hurt yourself. Here is a simple tip. Drop a few drops of water from your water bottle outside the court and rub your shoes on the few drops of water. This will help you get a good grip on the floor. But please don’t overdo this, because your opponent may complain!

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