How to look like this. Even for two months in a year!

six-pack abs

There is nothing more valued in today’s self-assailing millennial world than a supremely toned pack of 6 abs. Nothing, my friend. From the cult movies to trending television shows, celebrities and artists are redefining the definition of sexiness by creating reverberations around the globe. A chiseled, ripped smoldering body gleaming with shimmery drops of salty sea water, the most vastly used exemplification of the “six-pack abs”. Here are 5 tips which can help you build your dream body-:

The Diet:

One misconception which most of the aspires have is that rigorous and hefty exercise is the fastest route to getting the dream “six-pack ab body”. However, ambition without direction can sometimes make all efforts futile. One of the most significant parameters is your diet. Your diet needs to be in tandem to your body requirements and training schedule. You would be surprised to know that optimized food consumption contributes around 90% to your journey of achieving the dreamy six packs.

Use heavier weights:

Once you have tabulated and scheduled your dieting chart, your exercise routine will keep getting more rigorous with the food intake. Abs have fast twitch muscle fibers which have an incremental effect on muscle growth due to heavy weightlifting. While consistency is good, it is equally important to alternate the weights to avoid stagnancy of muscle growth.

Go Pro Protein:

Protein is one of the most valuable macronutrients which the body needs. The breaking of proteins requires the body to burn calories & hence the algorithm of protein intake resulting in weight reduction. Not only does protein help in reducing body fat, but it also fosters the development of lean muscles.

Rigorous crunches won’t get you the dream abs:

Crunches have always been believed to be the go-to fitness regimes when it comes to building abs. Mastering 100 crunches in 1 hour might leave you thinking that you’re a few more steps away from your six-pack dream. The optimization is paramount when it comes to fitness. Here are some exercises which can be practiced post 15-20
minutes of crunches- Deadlifts, Lunges, Push Ups, Pull Ups, Squats etc.

Smart Cardio:

Many of us get on with cardio and then move to the abdominal exercises. Doing long duration cardio at a medium pace is not the best possible solution to reduce fat. Cardio can be interspersed between mainstream exercises as well, which gives a more palpable body boost and helps reduce weight faster.