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How To Hone Your Football Skills!

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Know how to goal with your football skills:

When you play soccer, mental, physical, and technical skills all come into play. If you want to improve your game, it isn’t enough to focus on just one of these aspects. The best ball-handling skills won’t matter if you’re poorly conditioned and get winded just 10 minutes into the game. Likewise, a skillful and well-conditioned player still won’t succeed without the right strategy and focus. Create a training program that works on technical skills, soccer strategy, overall fitness, and mental focus to substantially improve your game. Here are some tips-:

Jiggle Juggle

Just because you can do cool tricks when you juggle does not mean that you are going to be a great soccer player. What juggling can do, however, is help perfect your touch. You need to be able to feel just as comfortable as you are juggling in the backyard as in a league or championship game. I am not saying that you will actually be juggling the soccer ball in a game, but you will have to be able to control it. If you can juggle with ease in your backyard, then you will be able to control the ball much better in the game.

Practice with Cones

You can get cones or flags for drills at any sporting goods store or general online retailer. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, you can do drills in a small patch of yard. Set the cones or flags in a row and dribble through and around them as you move forward.

Perfect Your Dribbling

As simple as it seems, dribbling is a great skill to work on in your backyard. When dribbling, you need to be able to think a couple of plays ahead.  You need to be able to push the ball into space where you can get the ball and the defender cannot. When dribbling, work on keeping your eyes up and in front of you, rather than staring down at the ball. Also, if you have a dog and he or she likes to chase a ball, then you can use your dog as a defender. Try moves to get past your dog.

Emphasis on discipline and consistent frequency

Even if you have regular practice with your team, you also need to practice on your own if you want to really improve your game. Find a time when you can dedicate 20 or 30 minutes every day to practicing your soccer skills.

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