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Cricket Bowling Techniques That Are Used To Get You Out!

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Cricket Bowling Techniques

Guys here are your concentration mantras. Follow them consistently and you will know what the bowler is trying to do so that you can hit him off before he hits those wickets behind you!

Mantra # 1. Keep Your Stance Tight and Head Up.

The Stance and head position is a good stances to take! Settle your stance, now tilt your chin down but not too much. Keep your head absolutely still as the bowler runs up. Ensure your eyes are on the ball so that you get to know the speed and direction. Slam it for a six!

Mantra # 2. Focus on the bowler’s hand movement.

You need to very carefully watch the ball in the bowler’s hand, as he runs up. Make sure you track it all the way and you need to keep zooming from a soft focus into a tight focus, just like a movie camera as the bowlers enter the crease to hit you!

Mantra # 3. Start Practicing mock throwdowns  

This is a good way to know and prejudge the bowler and the ball. Do some throwdowns with your partner or your coach on whether you should play a certain shot or leave the ball, in case it’s wide. Always walk up the wicket and touch the spot with your bat where the ball bounced. This will help you recheck if your speed and pace calibration judgments were accurate.

Mantra # 4. Your crease is your benchmark. 

Work on your focus at the crease. Run through in your mind your normal pre-shot routine, now step back from the crease, breathe in, and hold between the balls. Look off into space so that you can rest your mind and relax the body, it helps get rid of the tension in your muscles. Now, step back into the crease and re-set your focus.

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