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Hate Jogging? Try Sled Workout!

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sled training

Push your strength. Pull your fitness.

Did you know that the sled has become a popular training tool in recent years?

It’s mostly used to improve acceleration and/or anaerobic conditioning and is also an excellent way to train the aerobic system. Compared to jogging, which (unfortunately) still remains the number one option for many trainees when it comes to aerobic conditioning, there is minimal wear and tear on the joints, so you will not experience the shin splints or knee problems that often arise from repetitive running when training with the sled.

This makes it a superior exercise choice for larger athletes in general, as well as individuals with any previous lower-body issues.

Another big benefit of sled training is that it does not take away from your strength work in the weight room as do some other forms of endurance training. Even at a relatively high training frequency, nervous system and muscle recovery will not be an issue. If your endurance is holding you back, sled training four or five times per week will bring up your conditioning fast without hampering your strength workouts.

Last, but certainly not least, the sled is a highly versatile piece of equipment that allows you to bang out quick yet effective workouts when you are short on time.

Jogging or riding the stationary bike for an hour may not fit your busy schedule, but we all have 15-20 minutes to invest in pushing, pulling, or dragging a sled.

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