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Best MMA Takedowns To Take your Opponent Down!

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Best MMA Takedowns

Being an MMA fighter, you have to swear by Takedown techniques. Trying to up your game? Mastering the basic takedowns can help you stand out and develop your unique fighting style. Practicing your personalization is what differentiates an amateur from a professional.

Here’s a quick reckoner to the basic takedowns to add your charm too:

Double Leg Takedowns

These moves use your opponent’s momentum in your favor. When executed with perfection, they lead to damage beyond repair. The only key to their perfection is- Timing.

A basic Double Leg Takedown can be performed while standing facing your opponent. Bend your knees and charge toward your opponent. Grab hold of their legs around the thighs and tighten your grip. While pushing your head towards your opponent’s body, pick them up and throw them to the ground.

Single Leg Takedowns

These are the most common takedowns in combat sports where leg grabs are allowed by the rule book. Set up your takedown by timing it correctly. The strategy is the hero. Start with a hook or a jab to weaken your opponent and shoot for a knee grab, keeping your elbows close inside. Tightly lock in the opponent’s knee joint and pull upward to execute the fall.

Single Leg Takedowns can be easily personalized as per your strength and body type to make them more effective. Achieving the liberty of personalization comes when you have the basic right to your bones.

The Suplex

This move is for our trained wrestlers and MMA professionals out there who are ready to aim for the next level. Firstly, make sure that the person you practice the move-on is trained well to handle the fall. When assured, slay the suplex by following the steps mentioned below!

Start by grabbing hold of your opponent in a bear hug and position your hips beneath theirs. Quickly straighten your legs to pull them up using your arms. This begins the slam. As you descend to the ground, make sure to keep your body twisted a little sideways, keeping your back facing the ground. Once midway, execute the slam with force.

Create your signature moves using these takedowns and never be predictable!

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