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Basketball: Does It Only Make You Tall? Wait… There’s More.

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Do you love basketball? Have you often heard your father say you will grow taller and stronger if you pursue this sport? Well, your father may have just been right! But apart from just growing taller and stronger, this sport also offers you a plethora of other health benefits.

Benefits of Playing Basketball

Here are some key benefits the activity has to offer-:

1. Builds Bone Resilience: The physical demands of this awesome sport help in improving and building bone strength. Any physical activity that involves weight-bearing allows the formation of new bone tissue, and this in turn makes the bones stronger. Both the muscles and bones in your body become stronger with basketball as it is a physical activity that involves the tugging and pushing of muscles against bone.

2. Compounds Mental Power and Strength: Practice for basketball and playing this game has a very big part in developing mental strength. It can give better results in this regard if it is played from childhood. Players learn to support each other on the ground and also out of the field. They can bear the loss and can accept the win in a very nice way. The moments of defense and attack are very easy to see for the audience but actually need proper skills, mental growth, and healthy physical condition to get a pass.

3. Combust calories: Do you want to shed a few extra kilos? Play basketball! All the quick lateral movements, running and jumping, give you an aerobic workout that in turn can help you burn a lot of calories. For every hour of basketball, a person who weighs 165 pounds can expect to burn about 600 calories while a person who weighs 250 pounds can expect to burn approximately 900 calories.

4. Builds cardiovascular endurance: Basketball can help you develop cardiovascular endurance, depending on how many times the play stops. Keep moving and you’ll keep your heart rate up. Building endurance can help keep your heart healthy, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke later in life.

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