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Are You Jogging The Right Way? Get To Know Now!

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Jogging is surely a very good way to improve overall health. When you run at a certain pace (less than 6 miles per hour) it comes under jogging. However, the lack of correct knowledge leads to the wrong posture of jogging and surprisingly many people are not aware of this. This article is going to talk about the correct posture of jogging so that next time you do it right.

Jogging and running are aerobic exercises that give the body positive health benefits such as weight loss and decreased blood pressure levels. Both are beneficial but require different body techniques. Running needs more speed and power and is more intense. On the other hand, jogging has a slower pace and involves more muscle use.

Tips to jog correctly

1. Straight Up/ Erect Your Head

The head is an important body part when jogging or running. It can be heavy and drag a person down when proper posture is not achieved. The body including the head should be relaxed and erect. The head should face straight forward and not down as this will make it heavier with gravity.

2. Don’t Slouch While Jogging

Your hips and legs – especially your powerful quadriceps – help propel you forward. You should not experience a lot of side-to-side hip or waist movement. This prevents you from twisting the back. Keep the back straight and relaxed and while you may naturally lean slightly forward, to avoid lower back pain do not hinge forward too far at the waist.

3. Pace Your Leg Coordination

The legs are the most important body area when running or jogging. Lifting the knees too high will make the pace slower while keeping them low will make it faster and smoother. The legs are heavy and will require a lot of energy to lift so quicker leg work will be less strenuous.

4. Belly Breathing

Breathing through your mouth and allowing your diaphragm to lift and retract for deep “belly breathing” will enhance your endurance. The bonus of diaphragmatic breathing is, that when you exhale, your abs contract and give your midsection a little isometric workout. If erratic breathing is your bugaboo, then practice breathing patterns. Inhale as you take two steps and exhale for the next two. Depending on your lung capacity, you may be able to stretch those inhalations and exhalations over more than two steps.


Just like any other workout, jogging also demands the same amount of commitment. It is clear by now that correct posture is vital for getting the result. It is a good routine to jog daily but in the correct way. Jogging has multiple benefits, but you should consult with any healthcare professional before deciding to do the same.

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