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All You Need To Know About A Triathlon

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What Is A Triathlon?

In its most common form, the modern triathlon consists of swimming, biking, and running in consecutive order. The participants’ times also include the “transition” times between each event. The multisport race format is designed to test the endurance of its participants, much more so than swimming, biking, or running alone.

Types Of Triathlons


This is a great option for anyone new to the sport. Distances vary, but typically the swim portion is about 0.5 miles (750m), the bike is 12.4 miles (20km) and the run is 3.1 miles (5km).


First introduced during the 2000 Summer Games held in Sydney, Australia, this race features a 0.93 mile (1.5km) swim, a 24.8 mile (40km) bike, and a 6.2 mile (10km) run.

Half Ironman:

For veterans who are looking to challenge their endurance, but are not ready or able to put forth the time commitment for a full Ironman, the Half Ironman is a great choice. Race venues can make these longer races very challenging, but the distance is always the same: swim 1.2 miles (1.9km), bike 56 miles (90km), and run 13.1 miles (21.09km).


Although Ironman competitions take place all over the world, the one event most people think of is the annual World Championships held in Kona, Hawaii. This race consists of a 2.4 mile (3.8km) swim, 112 miles (180km) bike, and a 26.2 (42.2km) run.

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