Skinny? And muscled? Ooh just like this!

Skinny and Muscled

Skinny and Muscled? Ooh Just Like This!

To most of the people, being skinny is a dream they all strive to achieve. Be it cutting
down on food or hitting the gym with sporadic bouts of aggression, it is the end goal
of many. They are envious of skinny people and often get irritated when skinny
people do not gain any weight despite having ravenous diets. Well, being skinny can
be a blessing in disguise as well. While most of the people you see in your
neighborhood gym are sweating themselves out to lose a few pounds, there are a
significant number of people who are struggling with their skinny bodies as well.
Gaining weight is a major challenge for them as their metabolism matrix is way too
high. Here are some tips for skinny men to gain weight and build body muscle-:

Scream Ice Cream

Ice cream has insulin, which fosters protein break down post workout.
You can have an ice cream snack once a day after your work out.

Lift religiously every day

While many will tell you to focus on gaining body fat before hitting the
weights, that’s not how it works. The building up of the body and the beefing
up of muscles need to happen simultaneously to ensure maximum benefits.
Lifting everyday will make you hungrier, which will ensure maximum intake
of the right and necessary fibers needed to beef up the body and grow


Protein is mainly the most crucial source of muscle building. Skinny guys
only have limited protein, most of which also gets exhausted in the breaking
of hormones. Hence in order to ensure that your aggressive gyming regime
has a palpable effect on your body, it is imperative for skinny guys to build
and intake new proteins.

Concentrate focus on big muscles

Because you are skinny and have just started exercising, you should be
cognizant of the body areas you want to gain muscles at. Some of the areas
you can work on are chest, back and muscles since these are large muscle
areas. Large muscle areas should be the initial focus areas and then one can
seep down to other areas once ample muscle building has been done in these

Don’t have carbs after work out

Having carbs after work out enhance insulin levels which in turn slows the
break down of protein. A banana or a nutella sandwich would add much
more value to your gym routine that loading your body with crabs. This is
another myth about food intake. Your Nutella only react to the right fibers.
It’s not that skinny people can eat anything and gain muscles also. One needs
to eat the right thing during the right intervals to ensure maximum muscle