5 reasons why women are not getting the results they want from their workout!

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5 Reasons why women are not getting the results from their workout

It is awesome to find your fitness passion, whether it’s indoor cycling, Zumba, barre
classes, or running. But if that’s all you do, you are just going to get very good at it…but
anybody changes you were making will drop off. “If you want what you don’t have, you
have to do what you do not already do”, simple!

You are not challenging yourself enough

The truth like we just stated above is that your body adapts quickly to the same routine,
including marathon steady-state sessions on the elliptical or long even-keeled runs in
the park. Instead, try mixing it up with a different form of cardio, running or high-intensity
interval training. Plus girl, the heavyweight tip of the day… you have to lift heavy!

You’re overeating for your calorie burn

It’s a very common oops. Your heart rate monitor says you burned 800 calories in your
boot camp class, so there’s no harm in stopping by the smoothie shop afterward. The
fact is, calorie burn, even on that fancy watch, is often overestimated. Beyond that, you
need to keep yourself at a calorie deficit if your goal is weight loss. Deficit. Get it?

You are overtired or over-stressed

Working out and eating well are only two parts of the equation. If you are not sleeping
enough or you are stressed out, your body is not going to adapt as well to the positive
influence of exercise. Sleep is essential for muscles to heal after a tough sweat session,

and stress can wreak havoc on your hormones, training your body to retain fat. Stay
Calm. That is the mantra.

You sit around too much when you are not at the gym

I am sure you have heard about “sitting disease” and how it’s worse for us than any number
of evils (smoking, eating fast food, drinking—pick your poison). And it’s so much harder
to avoid, given that so many jobs require hours at a desk. So if you notice you are on your
butt for hours at a time, it’s time to start some new habits. Bottom line: Spend more
time on your feet.

You are too hard on yourself!

yourself! Another thought to consider: Perhaps it’s not your
results but your expectations that are a little off. So many people have a set idea of what
they think the scale should say, that they only see the disappointment when it is not going
down at the pace they want. Or they get so focused on one “problem area” that they
ignore other positive progress. Bodies lose weight and shift composition at different
paces, and (unfortunately) you can not get your upper arms to tone up independent of the
rest of you. Revel in the other victories you might be ignoring. Have you been sleeping
better since you started working out? Is bounding up the stairs or lugging in the
groceries that much easier? Have you taken time to notice that your favorite jeans are
fitting a little better? Do you just feel better than you did before beginning your routine?
Yep, I thought so.